Homeowners often find themselves deciding between adding on and selling their real estate in Sihanoukville. Well making a few changes in your home or villa is part of a long process of customizing a property as your family and priority evolves.

Making additions or alternations to a property is an expensive proposition and there’re a few questions that every homeowner should honestly answer. Well, this will help them take a decision between making alterations and selling the property.

  • Is it financially viable to modify your real estate in Sihanoukville? It’s important that you check your finances before getting on with the task of alterations or modifications. If the need ever arises that you’ve to sell your property at a short notice then you must be able to recover the cost of modifications as well. Recovering the cost of modifications isn’t possible overnight and you might have to wait a few years before the prices rise again.
  • Can you get a better property after selling? Since the prevailing prices of real estate in Sihanoukville is at an all time low, it won’t be a bad idea to upgrade. Yes, you can just choose to buy a new property that has everything you ever wanted to add to your existing one. The trust is that you actually won’t be able to recover the cost of modifications so it’s best to settle for a new property after selling your old one. However, this logic might not be applicable to everyone so take a decision based on your financial status and prevailing property prices.