Are you getting paid less in your country? Are you interested in working in Cambodia? This blog post is for you. In this post, we have talked about how you can visa and work in Cambodia. Getting employment in Cambodia is not difficult.

What job you can get in Cambodia is mainly based on the skills and expertise you have. Depending on your skills, you can work in the real estate industry, become a teacher, work in restaurants, etc. It all comes down to the skills you have. The official language of Cambodia is Khmer. Let say, if you are a native English speaker, it is a good idea to teach the English language in Cambodia.

To work in Cambodia, it is essential to get a work permit and visa. You need to keep in mind that work permits and visas are not the same things. You may have visa for Cambodia, but it doesn’t mean you are allowed to work in Cambodia.

Work Permit in Cambodia

In Cambodia, there are two types of work permits. It could be temporary or permanent. Temporary work permits are for most regular expats and they last the length of individual’s visa. Talking about permanent work permits, they are usually for major investors.

Now, the question may come in your mind: how actually you can get the work permit in Cambodia?

To get the work permit, your employer needs to apply for you via Ministry of Interior. In order to get the work permit, these are the documents and other essentials you need to provide to your employer:

  • 3 sets of Application Form as issued by the Ministry of Interior
  • Passport with a valid visa
  • 3 photographs (4×6), taken from the front without a hat or glasses
  • Certificate of Health from a physician in Cambodia
  • Written work contract
  • An insurance policy issued by employer or any insurance company

Apart from this, you will also need to provide some fees. Though the actual work permit fee is not mentioned in Prakas 55 (Prakas 55 is the document concerning Cambodia’s “Management of Foreigners’ Work Permits), it is usually $100.

Types of Work Visas in Cambodia

The work visas in Cambodia are different from regular visas. As a foreign national, if you want to go to Cambodia for work, you need to get an E-class visa. E-class visas are also known as a business class or ordinary visas, which are valid for 30 days. Apart from a work visa, you will also need to obtain the work permit and employment card via the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training (MLVT).

These are different types of work visas in Cambodia:

  • EB visa
  • EP visa
  • EG visa
  • ER visa
  • ES visa
  • ET visa

Each visa type is for different employment. EB visas apply to those who are working in Cambodia, starting a business, freelancing, and staying in the country for over a month. EP visas are for those who are looking for a job, starting a business, or staying in the country.

EG is a general visa that applies to those who are searching for employment. ER visas are for those who are looking to retire in Cambodia. ES visas are for those who go to school or university in Cambodia. And, ET visas are for those who work in specific trades or industries.

Applying for Cambodia Working Visa and Work Permit

You can apply for working visa in advance at your nearest Cambodian Embassy by submitting all the required documents.

After getting the work visa, you will need to obtain the work permit. A work permit is usually valid for one year. You can renew it and extend its validity.

Final Thoughts

Here we have seen how you can get Cambodia working visa and work permit. If you are planning to get employment in the country, you must submit all the necessary documents for the working visa and work permit.

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