Sihanoukville is the largest city of Cambodia, after Phnom Penh. If you are someone who loves beaches, then Sihanoukville is for you. The beautiful destinations of Sihanoukville attract people. Earlier, Sihanoukville used to be a silent coastal city.

Some years back, it has seen a significant rise in Chinese people. With the increase in Chinese people and investors, property and rental prices also started increasing. In Sihanoukville, you will find so many Chinese-run hotels, restaurants, casinos, etc.

Although the city is beautiful and attractive, the main problem was the roads. The roads used to be narrow and small. Due to the lack of modern roads in Sihanoukville, there used to be the problem of traffic jams. Due to inadequate infrastructural facilities in the city, tourists used to avoid visiting there.

This is when government had decided to build roads in Sihanoukville. The Cambodian government decided to build roads so that tourists, as well as citizens, can get better infrastructural facilities. Due to old and narrow roads, the problem of traffic jams was common in Sihanoukville, and due to this, the atmosphere of this coastal city used to affect. The government decided to improve infrastructure of the city by building 34 new roads.

The project for new roads in Sihanoukville started in November last year. 34 roads will be of 84 km in length with three roundabouts and six bridges. The Cambodian government is spending $294 million to restore and expand those 34 roads.

The project for new roads is almost completed; it is expected to get complete in 2020. On June 1, Prime Minister Hun Sen announced that the construction of a 34-road network in Sihanoukville province is now 90% completed. Prime Minister further said this project will help to make Sihanoukville a tourist destination.

On his Facebook page, he said, “The ring road and 34 roads in Sihanouk city are now 90 percent complete.”

The breaking ground ceremony of the 34-road construction project was held on November 16, under the auspices of Prime Minister of Cambodia (Samdech Techo Hun Sen). In the groundbreaking ceremony, he said once this project gets completed, Sihanoukville will become a modern, attractive city of Cambodia and country’s second economic pole.

Here’s what Samdech Techo Hun Sen said, “By 2020, Sihanoukville city will dramatically change its face both in roads and buildings… Sihanoukville city will become a potential attractive tourism hub, with commercial centers, and a gateway of Cambodia’s economic growth,”

The government has also prepared a 2030 master plan. In its master plan, the government sets Preah Sihanoukville province as Cambodia’s sustainable national development pole. It will be a modern city with beautiful beach resorts, multi-purpose special economic zone, international gateway, industrial center, national logistics center, and much more.

After Chinese investors flooded in Sihanoukville, it has seen rapid transformation and growth. Earlier, it used to be a quiet coastal city. Over time, the city has been developed. As foreign investors (mainly Chinese) flooded the city, real estate and property prices increased significantly.

Investment opportunity in Sihanoukville

As we can see, the government of Cambodia is focusing on developing the infrastructure of Sihanoukville. As Sihanoukville province is growing, it is a great idea to invest there. If you are looking for investment opportunities in Cambodia, consider Sihanoukville. By investing long-term, you can expect fantastic returns. Dragon Real Estate can help you find new development Sihanoukville properties.