Real Estate Sihanoukville is hot property (pun intended) in every possible way because of the huge inflow of Chinese investment into the region. A quaint little coastal town has emerged as the most sought after investment destinations in the last decade. There’re enough indications that 2020 would prove to be fruitful in more ways than one over the next one year.

Here’s a list of real estate Sihanoukville trends that will decide the future landscape of a hitherto serene and isolated coastal town:

  • Emerging Technologies – Millenials are going to enter the market in a big way in 2020 and real estate companies are going to go all hog to entice them. From using 3D to virtual reality and from Machine Learning to Artificial Intelligence, technology will be the driving force behind the growth of real estate. This year machine and human collaboration will boost selling and buying of real estate Sihanoukville and every decision making process will be data driven.
  • Second-tier cities and small towns will be a part of the growth story – For real estate investment, smaller towns like Sihanoukville will be favored over bigger cities. In fact, this trend is not new but will get stronger in 2020 and millenials are going to benefit immensely from the same.