Agents dealing with real estate in Cambodia often come across customers who shy away from disclosing vital information pertaining to their future plans or financial status, which prevents the agent from working in the customer’s best interest.

Similarly, home sellers must assess the performance and competence of the real estate agent and try to find out how good he/she is at the task. Once the sales mandate is provided to the agent, you must try to find out how he/she can go about accomplishing the sales with little to no intervention from your side.

  • Time taken for property listing An agent dealing with real estate in Cambodia need to show a sense of urgency and list the property on their website as well as other popular listing sites. If your real estate agent shows laxity in this task then it’s a big warning signal for you.
  • Delay in show days – It’s a warning sign when your real estate agents delays show days without any good reason. You must instruct your agent to hold show days at least on three weekends in the first month. Later they can cut it down to once a month.
  • Agent must pre-qualify potential customers – Don’t get impressed by an agent who tries to bring in new customer every alternate day and instead ask them to bring pre-qualified customers only. Real estate in Cambodia is looking up and there’s no dearth of pre-qualified customers, so your agent has no reason to