Buying a Sihanoukville property is a dream for many people in their 20s and they’re working really hard towards boosting their savings. Lending rates too is at an all time low and youngsters are ready to take a plunge into the most happening real estate market in Cambodia. Buying a Sihanoukville property is a big step and you need to learn about innovative ways to save.

Here’s a list of 3 Innovative ways to boost your savings for a Sihanoukville property:

  • Use cheaper transport. It’s not wise to invest in depreciating assets like a car, so it’s always a great idea to switch to cheaper transport mode like a public transport, which will ultimately save you a lot of money. Additionally, you won’t have to spend on maintenance, which often hit your savings hard.
  • Cut down on your accommodation costs. Shifting to a smaller space for a few months can help you cut down your accommodation costs. People in their 20s often don’t have a big family so they can afford a smaller and inexpensive apartment. If you want then you can even find an inexpensive Sihanoukville property on rent.
  • Create a second income stream. Saving is a great option but there’s a constant rise in the cost of living and you’ve to find innovative ways to support your income. Freelancing or weekend jobs can go a long way in creating a second income stream and boost your savings for a Sihanoukville property.