Rentvesting in Sihanoukville might not be a suitable idea for everyone but it definitely has an appeal among the millennial. People prefer to rent a property where they actually want to live while at the same time investing in a property they can afford and putting it on rent. People who want to invest in real estate while maintaining their lifestyle prefer rentvesting.

Property prices in places like Sihanoukville are on the rise and it’s one of the best place to buy a property and put it up on rent. If you want to live in a big city like Phnom Penh but can’t afford to buy property then you can obviously go for rentvesting. You can easily invest in a Sihanoukville property and put it up on rent. At the same time, you can live in rental property in Phnom Penh. Thus, you’ll be able to lead a lifestyle you wanted while making some good profits on your investment.

Rentvesting in Sihanoukville has its pros and cons; it’s imperative that you consider both before taking a final call. Pros include not compromising with your lifestyle and wealth buildup whereas cons include the loss in tax exemptions on capital gains and compromising with lesser control on your own property. If you’re okay and think that the pros outweigh the cons by a huge margin then rentvesting in Sihanoukville is definitely the best option for you.