How long do you wish to collect Sihanoukville monthly rental for your property? If your home loan payments are going to end soon then why not contemplate selling your property. It’s always a good time to sell your property, especially when more and more people are getting interested in investing in Sihanoukville real estate. However, your decision to sell a property should be based on your financial goals and market outlook for the rest of the year.

2020 is a good time to start preparations for selling your Sihanoukville property because the market is buoyant and investments are flowing in. Here’re a two things to consider before selling your property:

  • Find out if you really want to sell or not: Several factors should be considered before selling your property such as real estate agent’s commission and how are you going to use the proceeds from the same. However, before you start doing the sums, it’s important to find out whether you really want to sell your property or not.
  • Positioning the property: It’s not wise to inflate the asking price beyond a certain point as it would get really difficult to find a buyer. Do your research and go for an asking price that is neither too low nor high when compared to similar properties.