Almost every nation the world has declared a nationwide lockdown hoping to contain the virus and bring the rate of spread of the virus and eventually eliminating it. But not every country has been successful in doing so. Everyone is forced to stay home but if you look at it in a positive way, it is not a bad thing. It is kind of a break to all of us.

We can utilize the time to do something good, something productive. But where shall you start? There are millions of ideas in your mind right now. Well, you can start with your personal hygiene. Start with as small as your cloths: Wash them thoroughly, with soap, disinfectants, etc.

Move on to the room you live in: Give it a new look and feel. May move a few things around, bring in more natural light, organize it, clean it, etc.

Then come to the bathroom and other smaller rooms: This is a place of hygiene and it must stay clean and beautiful. Maybe give it a new touch of color, a few posters, etc.

Come from the top of your house to the bottom, one room at a time, and in a week, you will be glad to see how beautiful the house has become and creative you have become. Begin your creativity starting one wall or room at a time.