Choosing the right color combination for your walls or your clothing is never easy. With the tons of color combinations available out there, you would prefer jumping right off the cliff over choosing a color.

Many fashionistas and well-known painters have suggested a few combinations which will make you stand out of the crowd not just in 2020 but in all the coming years. One such combination you should be picking is the shades of Black and Orange. Black has never run out of fashion. It was, is and will always be a classic color and with a shade of orange complimenting it, the combination will bring a dominant black and the pure orange to complement each other. It will look like a classic theatre where the darkness is overcome by a spotlight.

The other crazy combination and an all-time public favorite is the Classic Black and White. The strength of Black and its dominancy is carefully highlighted with the delicacy and pureness of white. It’s like a heaven on earth. These combinations have been showcased on many renowned magazines and shows. They have been listed on the list of favorite colors of 2020. Each color contrasts the other creating a perfect balance of calm and chaos.