Your lease just got expired or the broker just canceled your sale deal amid lockdown. What should you do here? This blog tends to answer all such FAQs related to real estate.

  1. You were supposed to move on a certain date and the nationwide lockdown ceased the operation.

No need to worry. No one else is allowed to move anyway. So, you will just have to stay put until the world is saved from COVID’19. Besides, the owner cannot cancel the deal as he will have to look for new tenants again. A small occupation fee may help you keep the premises.

  1. If the owner changes his mind and waves of the deal, what should you do?

The owner cannot do it in the first place because of the legal and binding agreement. If he decides to break the bond, it will be a break in the agreement, and legal action may be taken against the owner.

  1. Can you do a deal digitally?

No, you cannot. As per the law, no transfer of property can be executed without the physical presence of both the parties and without a solid signature. Not even the legal formalities are done digitally. Therefore, wait for the lockdown to end and stay in good terms with the owner or the broker.