While painting a house in Cambodia might not seem too much of a worry initially, getting down to picking the perfect shade is quite a task. Choosing the perfect color for your house becomes particularly important when you realize that they actually influence your potential buyer’s decision. How exactly? Well, if a shade is not according to a buyer’s tastes, they may reject the house outright instead of getting the whole house repainted all over again (considering the time, efforts and money involved in the process). Therefore, to know which colors are trending and might get a nod of approval from your buyers; read on.

It is advisable to stick to neutrals when it comes to painting the entire house. Picking bold, flashy themes and color palettes automatically reduces the buyer pool to only those who appreciate niche themes. On the other hand, soft hues such as cream, dirty pink and pastel blues are more or less accepted by everyone. Lighter shades of green also go along well for their soothing appeal and glossy finish. Pastel greens work immensely well when there is a garden or a lawn to complement the house’s structure.