Most people today barely have the time to go to a gym, especially if it is located far away. That’s why they prefer to have one within the premises of their residential area. However, having a gym for oneself not only increases ease of convenience, but also the value of your property.

Adrian Goslett, CEO and Regional Director of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, corroborates that a well furnished and fully equipped gymnasium can actually elevate property prices, especially in the luxury housing market. He also cautions, however, that contrary to well designed gyms, poorly designed ones actually lower the property’s appeal and go on to depreciate its price, despite being present as a part of it. Conclusively, the presence of the gym alone is not the key-it must be properly maintained and equipped to justify the property’s high end value.

To build a gym in the house, developers/property owners can actually use an under-utilized area such as an unused room or office space to be converted into a gym. Of course, important factors such as flooring, lighting and proper ventilation must be taken into account.

Homeowners must also seek real estate advisors to estimate the actual value enhancement by the addition of a gym. Property listing for sale and rent with gym you can find on our website