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The time could have never been better for property buyers to be spoilt for choice. With property prices plummeting, banking systems making loan lending easier and the repo rate coming down by 25 basis points, buying a house has become relatively easier. This is especially good news for first time buyers and their sellers. This article attempts to make it easier for sellers to make the right decision while choosing the most appropriate buyer for their property.

Since buyers already have a plethora of options to choose from, it is the sellers that need to be guided to “choose” the perfect buyer. Below is a basic guideline that you, as a seller, can adopt.

  • Set the right price: The price of your property depends upon several things such as location, availability of amenities and market suitability among other things.
  • Consult professional help: You must consider this option for 2 prominent reasons: 1) Professional advisors are seasoned negotiators and know just the right price for every kind of property available in the market. 2) They are already adept at dealing with all the paperwork generated during the buying and selling process.