Despite the rollercoaster growth of the South African economy in the past decade, real estate continues to remain a steadily growing area of investment. According to Ben Shaw, the CEO of HouseME, a digital letting platform, there are several opportunities for investors in the buy-to-let market.

According to Shaw, investing in property is a decision that must revolve around long term benefits. HouseME’s research indicates that property prices will stabilize for a period before showing a slow spike in prices in the last quarter. This implies that the current time is the best period to buy a property in. Shaw has observed that KwaZulu-Natal’s coastline and ultra luxury hotels have displayed consistent immunity to the economic slowdown and have maintained relatively stable prices.

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With the online database available with the company, Shaw has managed to extrapolate all the information necessary for investors, especially pertinent to enhancing their rental income returns and the decrease in levels of vacancy. He says that accommodation for pets, secure parking spaces, refurbished and modern kitchens and bathrooms, pre-installed internet facility are just some of the features that attract tenants more to a residential rental space. He also says that unfurnished yet low cost living spaces tend to go less vacant as compared to their well furnished yet pricey counterparts.

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