Are your plans for upgrading your space getting delayed owing to a lack of funds? If you are unable to enhance the space, you can create the illusion of a larger room through gallery walls of mirrors and get your innovative gears that turn and whip your area.

What are the ways of refreshing your space?

  • Utilize the natural light – Dull lights blinds and basks the natural light. Utilizing the lights and bulbs could be the alternative. But why spend money on electricity during the day when you can pull back the curtains to get the natural light?
  • Get rid of the old knobs – Replace the cabinet’s outdated knobs with a modern, and eye-catching one for an immediate revamp.
  • Artful arranging – Use your creativity in organizing the storage arrangements to diversify the potted plants and framed prints.
  • Mix Materials – Are the combination of soft and hard materials. You can use the mixed items that give space to a cozy and live-in vibe. It would help more when you add elements with various textures such as woven, baskets, knit pillows, and raw wood accents.


Refreshing your space is a way of managing the area that you already have or you can buy a project in a new development for sale Sihanoukville and have it designed exactly your way.