Anita Bloom’s Decorex Africa Trend Report 2020 lists some of the upcoming living room trends that might completely dominate the current convention to establish new frontiers.

It is expected that some of the themes from the report will featured in shows by Trend Kitchen By Consentino, Mobelli Furniture + Living Trend House, “Trend! Installation” among others. Lighting By Design Project shall showcase the lighting designs featured in each of the three above mentioned shows.

Anita Bloom used to manage her own design studio by the name of ‘Just Bloom Designs’ before she joined the Decorex Africa Team. According to her, the following shall be the top lighting trends for living rooms in the upcoming years:

  • The abandonment of Scandinavian minimalism. Gentle, nature inspired illumination shall be given more preference as opposed to stark Scandinavian lighting.
  • Fireplaces, flickering lights and soft glow lamps will replace harsh and bright lighting systems.
  • Japadi style paper lamps that blend electric and traditional lighting and Wabi Sabi, will see resurgence.
  • While circular or spherical lampshades will dominate living room spaces, but other geometrical shapes will be given room too.
  • Neon will be given major space-with neon signboards, blocks, names, text pieces and slogans being the number one choice for creative expression.

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