The COVID’19 pandemic is a big hit and experience for every business out there. Real estate is not an exception. With the nationwide lockdowns around the world, then you might find difficulty in finding the right buyers, showing around the property, and then cut a deal with them. To be precise, you feel it impossible to do the job.

Well, one answer to make it possible is to show around the property virtually. Open your house to the number of potential clients in Cambodia. But can it be a good idea? Well, it is obviously not possible to cut the deal with a vertical signature and nor without the physical presence of the buyer. True but since most of the offices are closed until the lockdown and there is no source of income whatsoever, finding potential clients in one job you can concentrate on. A virtual reality view of the house can help you get the clients and you can get everything ready. Once we are free of COVID’19, A few days of work can generate tons of money very quickly. Sounds like a plan.

Keep up the job and be ready. But most importantly, stay home and stay safe for the world is still fighting COVID’19.