Different people prefer to live differently. Some prefer open spaces while others prefer a more compact space. Some like to live is high raised buildings while other prefer a bungalow. Some are happy with shared amenities while others want a personal pool. Cambodia offers a place to live for everyone. Sihanoukville has a mix of all types of buildings. There are bungalows, apartments, condos, real estate in sihanoukville, etc.

The city offers smaller starter houses for those looking for budget houses. These are usually single bed-bathroom-kitchen houses ideal for a small family. For more luxury living, Cambodia offers extensive bungalows with very expensive furniture and amenities. These bungalows offer privacy for people who are ready to pay the premium. Others who are more into the city style of living have an option to live in high-rised building apartments closer to the city. These usually do not provide you the ultimate privacy but is a great option for those looking for a budget home. Apart from these, the city also provide shared rooms for single person looking for a cheaper place. These rooms are usually shared with other tenants and have least privacy but will surely come within your budget. However the house be, it is you who is going to make it a home. So invest carefully and live happily.