Cambodia was known for its quaint towns and serene coastal village but things are changing quickly because of the huge inflow of foreign funds and foreigners, especially investment in real estate Sihanoukville. Like all other major cities of Cambodia, the coastal city of Sihanoukville too is undergoing rapid changes. Now whether all the changes are for good or bad will be for everyone to see in the coming years.

China-Friendly Economic Policies

Beijing has been expanding its economic cooperation in almost all the South Asian countries but Cambodia has been the most welcoming of all the nations. Thus, Chinese investment in the developing coastal cities like Sihanoukville has been on the rise. In the last two decades, investment in real estate Sihanoukville has witnessed huge growth. In fact, Chinese individuals own majority of the hotels and small businesses in Sihanoukville.

Real estate Sihanoukville has emerged as the preferred investment destination among the other cities of Cambodia. However, some locals don’t quite agree with the government because they think all the Chinese investment is hurting local business interests. Additionally, the influx of Chinese and other foreigners have diluted the authentic local culture.

It’s a subject of huge debate whether the rising investment in real estate Sihanoukville is doing more harm than good or not. However, the reality is that Chinese and other foreign investors are reaping huge returns and making hay while the sun is still shining! На сайте Inex Investment вы можете купить апартаменты у моря