Transferring any property from one person to another involves a lot of legal complications and an experienced broker or a person having knowledge in this field must be involved for a smooth transfer. This transfer involves many background checks which help reveal any kind of legal cases active on the property.

With the recent property bubble burst in Cambodia, the Cambodia real estate and Cambodia properties can have many defaulted cases on them. You must be careful when dealing with such property or hire a person for that. If you are new to this field, make sure you do the following tasks before finalizing the deal: Thorough background check of the property, any pending payments, documentation, payment methods and proof of transfer of property which is usually a living person. This will ensure that you do not fall into any trape Sihanoukville real estate and Sihanoukville properties have seen a number of such cases and it is your first job to make sure no such thing happens to you. These cases can take up years in the court to pass a judgment ruining your savings and your dream of having your own house. Stay safe and make wiser decisions.