No matter whether you visit Cambodia for a trip or for making some investments, visiting the top cities is something you must consider. When it comes to amazing economic performance, Cambodia takes the top spot. Cambodia is among the fastest-growing economies in the region.

The economy of Cambodia performed nicely even during major economic downturns. It showed a stable GDP growth even during recessions. Top cities of Cambodia include Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, and Siem Reap.

As Cambodian rules allow foreigners to own properties in Cambodia, foreign investors always prefer investing in the real estate market of these top countries. They show interest in either investing in Sihanoukville real estate or Phnom Penh real estate.

When investing in Sihanoukville, many investors think it is overly built. Is it really true? No, Sihanoukville is not overbuilt. It might seem so because it has too many studios. Apart from studios, it also has casinos, restaurants, massage parlors, condos, apartments, and other residential & commercial spaces. If you are looking for a residential place, you will find houses with 1 to 8 bedrooms. Finding a high standard apartment in Sihanoukville isn’t a tough task with the right agent.

Sihanoukville is on the path to development. Just in a few years, the province is developed so much. To further attract foreign tourists and investors in Sihanoukville province, the Cambodian government is working on different projects.

When buying a new property, there are various things to consider. Whether you want to buy an apartment, condo, commercial place, or any other real estate property, it is always good to take help of an efficient real estate agent. This is when our role comes in. Being the best real estate agent in the province, our motive is to help buyers purchase property at their desired price and help sellers sell their property at their desired price.

Do you know, Cambodia’s Sihanoukville was used to be a silent coastal city? This is the scenario of the past few years. Over time, within a few years, the city has made a great transformation. From a silent coastal city to the top city of Cambodia, Sihanoukville is changed so much.

The transformation of Sihanoukville would not be possible without Chinese investors and Chinese tourists. It was a silent coastal region of Cambodia until Chinese tourists started flocking in. When Chinese and other foreign investors started showing interest in Sihanoukville Province, the property prices went on increasing. Chinese investors started flocking in the city three years ago. And right now, the Chinese population in Sihanoukville is estimated to be same as the Cambodian citizens.

Do you know Sihanoukville’s economy relies more than 90% on Chinese people? As compared to other cities of Cambodia, Sihanoukville province has more Chinese people. Almost all businesses are Chinese operated. It includes bars, restaurants, massage parlors, casinos, etc.

According to Chuon Narin, the provincial police chief, from 71 casinos in Sihanoukville, 48 are operated by Chinese. And among 436 restaurants in the province, around 90% of restaurants in the province are managed by Chinese nationals. There are around 200 hotels & guesthouses in the province. Out of these total 200 hotels & guesthouses, about 150 are managed by Chinese nationals.

In short, Sihanoukville is not overbuilt. In fact, foreign as well as Cambodian investors are attracted to real estate in Sihanoukville. To find the right property in the province, you can contact us.