Buying a home is in everyone’s mind. Some are able to afford it while others wish to wait till they have the capital. But with the money lenders and insurance companies stepping in, the process of purchasing a house has become easy.

The bans usually offer you the best insurance policy they have and manipulate you into buying the insurance and paying the premium every month. But there are ways you can reduce this premium.

First: The cost of your property deteriorates every month. Hence it is illogical for you to pay the same premium for lower valued assets. Hence, you can go through the policies and demand a lesser premium.

Second: Since Cambodia, real estate and Cambodia property have always been a buyers’ market, every insurer will try to bring up more and more convenient policies to compete with its rivals and with a centralized website available, you can find the right policy for you in just a few clicks. But make sure you read and understand the terms carefully and know that the policy should surely help you in case of crises. Study and Know your insurer inside out so that you are aware of them and their potentials and will always be on the safer side.