You, just like the millions out there, are probably stuck within the boundaries of your house. Not able to go anywhere. COVID’19 has seriously hit us all bad. It has killed more people than war could and has affected 10 times more. To add to this, it is not over yet. According to the world health organization, COVID’19 may never leave us. But we cannot do that. We cannot stay home for the whole life and emphasize doing things we are not meant to.

How can you stay home and still protect yourselves while the world fights COVID’19?

Well, you can start by using masks, sanitizers, and gloves. But those are also not available due to its high demand and extremely poor supply. Answer: you can make one at home. Here’s how:

  • Simple household materials can be used to make a mask that can help you stay safe from the airborne virus. Visit the link to make one on your own:
  • Making Hand Sanitizer looks like the job of an expert chemist but trust me, it’s not as tough as it sounds. Besides, a sanitizer might just be resting in your cupboard. A nail-polish remover can work as an excellent sanitizer.
  • Stay hygienic and clean even if you are forced to use a newspaper instead of a toilet paper.

Keep crafting and keep yourself safe and healthy.