If you’re thinking of purchasing a decent plot in Sihanoukville then do it before reading this article.

Economic growth story of Cambodia is an inspiration for several South Asian countries. Cambodia has managed to come out of decades of economic policy paralysis and create an efficient system for investment. Real estate sector is witnessing an unprecedented boom and plots in cities like Sihanoukville. Not only China, investment is flowing in from numerous other countries as the ROI on real estate is simply too good to ignore!

Real estate Investment – A cake too hot to handle

Since, success stories about real estate investment in Cambodia is already so hordes of people from Cambodia as well as foreign countries like China and India are jostling for space (pun intended). Plots in Sihanoukville are at the top of the list of investors because of all the development projects around the city, communication modes, education and health facilities.

Real estate investment has its own perils but if you just learn about the policies and laws governing real estate investment in Cambodia then you can save yourself from future hassles. If you’re a foreigner then steer clear of middlemen; they will just disappear with your money. Get in touch with reputed and government accredited real estate investment agencies. Learn as much as you can about real estate investment in Cambodia; our blog is a great place for a start!

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