Cambodian real estate agencies often encounter tricky questions from foreigners about owning land or property. Well, technically no foreigner is allowed to own even an inch, forget a furlong in Cambodia but there’re loopholes in the law that can be exploited to make your dream come true. Oh Yeah!

Let’s dig further and find out how you can own your piece of land in the kingdom called Cambodia:

  • Include a Cambodian in your holding company: Well, here’s your golden key! Foreigners can form a private limited company or limited liability company along with a Cambodian citizen and then buy a piece of land. However, you need to keep in mind that your Cambodian partner must have at least 51% stake in the company. This is one of the securest ways of realizing your dream of owning furlong in the kingdom.
  • Leasing: This is a less expensive and easier way of owning land in Cambodia. However, the registered title deed has to be drawn in the name of a Cambodian citizen and you have to get into a rent agreement with that individual. There’s obviously the risk of losing all your investment in the Cambodian real estate once the lease is cancelled by your Cambodian partner.
  • Cambodian citizenship and marriage: You can get an honorary Cambodian citizenship by making a generous donation of $312,500 or more to the state or invest in some other development projects in the nation. This will pave the way for owning a furlong. The next best option is to get married to a Cambodian citizen and registering the title deed in your spouse’s name. Как альтернативу можете рассмотреть покупку недвижимости на Северном Кипре