COVID’19 has crippled the world’s economy. The price of everything in the world has fallen significantly. Even the Cambodia real estate business has been hit badly. The cost of plots, houses, and apartments has come down badly. If that is so, is it the right time to invest?

Let us first examine the situation. With COVID’19 already affecting the world for months now, there seems no end to it. World Health organization’s statement saying that the world may never be free from COVID’19 has freaked out everyone more violently. With this, it is highly uncertain if you can actually survive this pandemic. Hence, your first priority must be to have enough cash in hand for a year’s survival at least. Besides, studies show that the prices may still slash down depending on the severity of the situation and how people take in the news. Hence, if you have additional money and looking to invest, it is a good option but remember, the world will take some time to recover. Therefore, you won’t be able to profit from it anytime soon.

Keep looking at the news and take a wiser decision. A family is more important than any physical property in the world. Stay safe.